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Award Winning Bush Rum takes the vibrant flavours of Caribbean rum shacks and brings them to life. Fresh and bright, we distil ripe mangoes and blend with award-winning Bush Rum Original Spiced for a real taste and tang.

Bursting with delicious notes of natural mango, sweet vanilla and lingering spice, tastes great with cola or in a Mango Mojito. Pure Caribbean Vibes!

70cl 37.5%

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No allergens. Gluten free.

Great Tasting Sustainable Rum Great Tasting Sustainable rum

Made using green energy. Bottled in a 100% recycled glass bottle and 100% recyclable packaging. Because it's what's on the inside (and outside) that counts.

100% recycled packaging
Recycled glass bottle
Distilled using green energy
Natural Sugarcane Labels
Natural Sugarcane Labels

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10 reviews for Bush Rum Mango

  1. Em Dav

    Really nice flavour, not too sweet almost tropical flavour but with a decent % on it.
    Nice bottle with cork.

  2. William C.

    excellent with ginger beer or just over ice.

  3. Amazon customer

    Perfect. Great taste

  4. Amazon customer

    Lovely looking bottle and cork love that most of the materials are recycled. The flavour or the rum is tremendous ! I have had may rums in my life not going to lie but this is my new favourite !

  5. LuckyKweenKS

    Awesome taste
    Tropical feeling
    Awesome bottle
    Makes music and Mocca taste better!
    This is the best mango rum ever! :D!

  6. Steven Ferguson

    Perfect rum to have at the end of the day to relax 👍

  7. john krystkiewicz

    Well what can I say. I love spiced rum and have tried lots, I was starting to think that Morgan spiced was the best of the bunch until I tried this one. Wow……. Amazing. Not so much a spiced rum but compared to other mango rums it’s in another league. I’ve just had it with cola and was blown away, even my wife liked it and she doesn’t like rum. Definitely up there with the greatest, my new favorite, you have to try it.

  8. ALH86

    Lots of natural, juicy mango and tropical fruit in this rum with a touch of spice. Good enough to sip neat but went well with Coke and Ginger Ale.

  9. Susan Ventre

    My husband loves this mango rum

  10. Ad-R

    Great flavour and will be buying again

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