What Does Rum Go Best With?

Rum is made for mixing. We all know the classic Rum & Cola, but there are loads of other mixers which you can add to rum. Some work best with a fruity rum and some with a spiced rum to bring out the best flavour. Check out some of our favourites below:

Rum and Cola


Apple Juice
Sweet and fruity, apple juice goes perfectly with a spiced rum. Try it with Spiced Bush Rum and you’ll taste caramelized red apple and ginger notes. Garnish with a slice of red apple.  
Coconut Water
Cool and refreshing, mix rum with coconut water and you really could be in the Caribbean. Fruity rums work well (like Mango Bush Rum) as you’ll taste the tang of fresh fruit coming through with a delicious sweetness. Garnish with a slice of fresh mango.
Bush Rum and Ginger Ale
Ginger Beer
Spiced rums have a kick. If you like it, try pairing with a ginger beer. Zesty and full flavoured, this is a favourite with the Bush Rum team and bartenders. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit (trust us, it works).
Tonic Water
Isn’t that just for gin? No actually, if you are looking for a drink that’s not overly sweet then the bitterness of tonic water makes it the perfect choice.
Pineapple Juice
If you want to pretend you’re relaxing on a Caribbean beach, pineapple juice is the one for you. Mix it with a fruity rum for a drink that tastes like a cocktail… but is so easy to make.  Garnish with a lime wheel.
Ginger Ale
Ginger ale is for when you want a touch of ginger, rather than a kick. Pair with a spiced rum and you’ll taste loads of spice notes, particularly gingers, cinnamon and allspice. We like it with a big squeeze of fresh lime and a lime wedge.  
This might sound weird… but coffee & rum is a thing. Pair with spiced rum for a rum coffee which tastes of vanilla and caramel. Enjoy it iced or hot, weather dependent.
Soda Water
Soda is pretty neutral so you’ll get the full taste of any fruity or spiced rum coming through. We like it paired with Mango Bush Rum for a drink bursting with fresh, juicy mango. Garnish with some fresh ginger and it will look the part too.
Spiced Rum and Cola
Ultimately the best mixer for rum depends on what you like. Try them out and let us know on social media which one is your favourite @bushrumco.
Mix it. Sip it. Savour it.